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England, Half English


Cooking Vinyl Re-Issue 2006 with bonus CD

It’s all here, original album, bonus tracks and if you play the cd backwards you can hear Billy sing a love song to Thatcher – FACT! (Not actually a fact).

Cat No. COOKCD351
Record Company : Cooking Vinyl
Media: 2 CD
Date of release: 2006

SKU: COOKCD351 Category:


 CV Re-Issue with Bonus CD

Track List

Disc One – Original Album
Jane Allen
Distant Shore
England, Half English
Some days I See The Point
Baby Farouka
Take Down The Union Jack
Another Kind of Judy
He’ll Go Down
Tears of My Tracks

BONUS Tracks
Billericay Dickie
Mansion on the Hill
Glad and Sorry
He’ll Go Down
Yarra Song
You Pulled teh Carpet out
Mystyery Shoes
Tears of My Tracks (demo)
Take Down the Union Jack (band version)
England, half english (7″ Re-Mix)
1 2 3 4
Dry Bed (band version)
Danny Road
She Smiled Sweetly

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