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2019 Tour

 “After more than three decades of travelling around the world in a van, or spending all day flying vast distances to play a gig, I’m looking forward to having some time to explore cities that I usually only get to see between the soundcheck and the show. And this three night stand format is a way of keeping things interesting, both for me and the audience. I tried it out in Auckland recently and had a lot of fun revisiting my back pages.” Billy Bragg 2019

In each town Bragg will perform three unique shows on consecutive nights.The first night’s performance will feature Bragg’s current set, which ranges across his 35 year career. The second will see Bragg perform songs from his first three albums: his punk rock debut Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy (1983), its similarly raw follow-up Brewing Up with Billy Bragg (1984) and Talking with the Taxman about Poetry (1986). The third performance will see Bragg perform songs from his second three albums: the positively jangled Workers Playtime (1988), the pop classic Don’t Try This at Home (1991) and the back-to-basics William Bloke (1996).

@jeremycorbyn @billybragg @johnmcdonnellMP @CatHobbs I'm reading this in between sessions at my @NEUnion training course. It's taking me a while even though it's a short book because each page gives me so much to think about.

Call out to Manchester from the great @billybragg to down tools on Fri 28 June at 2pm! Support citywide mass Readathon with a Drop Everything & Read - change the world through reading! Share your moments with #DEARManchester #ReadMCR

The penny is finally dropping in the City... a transition beyond carbon demands a transition beyond financialised capitalism: there are no market solutions and the tech solutions require a radical restructure of the economy...

Sat Jun 22nd, 2019

Billy Bragg

I don’t suppose the row between Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds will effect Johnson’s appeal to his supporters as they appear to have long ago given him a free pass on issues of character. However, elements of the media jumping in to defend of his behaviour confirms that Trumpism has infected the UK. Democracy and accountability have been drifting apart for some time now and we can’t complain we didn’t all see it happening. ... See MoreSee Less

Fri Jun 21st, 2019

Billy Bragg

Worthy Farm may have enjoyed a fallow year but politics has been grinding on, with Big Bad Brexit taking up most of the available bandwidth for discussion. The good news is Glastonbury Left Field is back and focusing on issues that need talking about: the environment, the rise of the populist right, how the gig economy is pushing people to the margins of society. We’ll also be marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots - which falls on the weekend of the festival - with a panel on queer liberation.

And we’re backing our arguments up with some great music from young artists who have something to say about the pressures that they live under. Left Field is all about big tent politics so come and join us under our big tent to recharge your activism!

I’m pleased to announce that as well as my Glastonbury Left Field headline set on Friday 28th (9pm), I will also be taking to the stage alongside Emily Barker, Stella Donnelly, Connie Constance, Josh Okeefe, LILY BUD, Geoff Berner, Arlo Parks and Hussain Manawer throughout the Glastonbury Festival (official) weekend, 3pm every afternoon as part of our Radical Roundups.

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Thu Jun 20th, 2019

Billy Bragg

On Saturday New York City Council will be honouring Woody Guthrie by re-naming a stretch of Mermaid Avenue 'Woody Guthrie Way'. Later that day Arlo and Nora Guthrie will lead the annual Mermaid Parade through Woody's old neighbourhood in Coney Island. Doubtless it will all end with the Guthrie family coming together for hot dogs at Nathan's
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