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Worker’s Playtime CV Re-Issue with Bonus CD


Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards? This is the album that delivered that leap, painted you a picture and then left a Little Time Bomb. But with added pizazz! Peek behind the velvet curtains and see the inner workings of how this album was formed by listening to the exclusive demo versions of familiar tracks.

Cooking Vinyl re-issue in 2006.
Contains original album plus CD2 – bonus CD with extra tracks

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Track Listings

DISC 1 – Original Album
She’s Got A New Spell
Must I Paint You A Picture?
Tender Comrade
The price I Pay
Little Time Bomb
Rotting On Demand
Valentine’s Day is Over
Life With The Lions
The Only One
The Short Answer
Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards


BONUS CD – Extra Tracks
The Only One (Demo)
The price I Pay (Demo)
Love Has No Pride
That’s Entertainment
She’s Got A New Spell (demo)
The Short Answer (demo)
Little Time Bomb (demo)
Bad Penny (Demo)
Reason to Believe (Live)
Must I Paint You A Picture? (Extended Version)
Raglan Road (Live)

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