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Ding ding, round one as Billy comes out punching like the political heavyweight that he is with this unique collection of songs which offer the Right out for a fight then sticks a head butt on them when they’re not ready. Some of these tracks may have been available in one form or other over the last ten years but now they have been beautifully repackaged in old fashioned solid matter, complete with a rant-along-a-Billy songbook to help make sure you know the words when next you are called to march against ‘The Man’.

These eleven songs will stir up trouble whilst still being friendly on the ear.

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Track Listings:

*Never Buy The Sun
 *Last Flight to Abu Dhabi
 *The Battle of Barking
 *The Wolf Covers its Tracks
 *The Big Lie
 *Bush War Blues
 *Constitution Hill
 *Old Clash Fan Fight Song
 *The Price of Oil
 *The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie
 *We’re Following The Wrong Star

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