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Billy Bragg Box Set Volume 2


Billy Bragg Volume 2 Box Set.
Released: 9 October 2006. Cooking Vinyl BRAGGBOX002 (UK)
The DVD in this box set is in PAL format (UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) and not suitable for customers in North America and Japan, unless you have multi-region/multi-format DVD players that you know will support PAL. For NTSC version, see below.

Four more studio albums dating from between 1988 and 2003. Eight CDs and one DVD with a wealth of rare and unreleased tracks. Plus a luxury 48-page booklet.

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Workers Playtime
Disc One Original Album

She’s Got A New Spell; Must I Paint You A Picture?; Tender Comrade; The Price I Pay; Little Time Bomb; Rotting On Remand; Valentine’s Day Is Over; Life With The Lions; The Only One; The Short Answer; Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
Disc Two Bonus Tracks
The Only One (Demo); The Price I Pay (Demo); Love Has No Pride That’s Entertainment; She’s Got A New Spell (Alternative Version); The Short Answer (Alternative Version); Little Time Bomb (Alternative Version); Bad Penny (Demo); Reason To Believe (Live); Must I Paint You A Picture? (Extended Version); Raglan Road (Live)

Don’t Try This At Home
Disc One Original Album

Accident Waiting To Happen; Moving The Goalposts; Everywhere; Cindy Of A Thousand Lives; You Woke Up My Neighbourhood; Trust; God’s Footballer; The Few; Sexuality; Mother Of The Bride; Tank Park Salute; Dolphins; North Sea Bubble; Rumours Of War; Wish You Were Her; Body Of Water
Disc Two Bonus Tracks
Party Of God; North Sea Bubble (Demo); Sexuality (Demo); Just One Victory (Alternative Mix); Everywhere (Alternative Version); Trust (Demo); Bread & Circuses; Cindy Of A Thousand Lives (Demo); The Few (Demo); Revolution; Tighten Up Your Wig (With The Athenians & DJ Woody Dee); MBH; This Gulf Between Us; Piccadilly Rambler

William Bloke
Disc One Original Album

From Red To Blue; Upfield; Everybody Loves You Babe; Sugardaddy; A Pict Song; Brickbat; The Space Race Is Over; Northern Industrial Town; The Fourteenth Of February; King James Version; Goalhanger
Disc Two Bonus Tracks
As Long As You Hold Me (Demo); Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? (Demo); Sugar Daddy (Demo); The Space Race Is Over (Demo); Goalhanger (Demo); Upfield (Demo); The Fourteenth Of February (Demo); Qualifications; Never Had No One Ever; Thatcherites; All Fall Down

England, Half English
Disc One Original Album

St. Monday; Jane Allen; Distant Shore; England, Half English; NPWA; Some Days I See The Point; Baby Faroukh; Take Down The Union Jack; Another Kind Of Judy; He’ll Go Down; Dreadbelly; Tears Of My Tracks
Disc Two Bonus Tracks
Billericay Dickie; Mansion On The Hill; Glad And Sorry; He’ll Go Down (Demo); Yarra Song; You Pulled The Carpet Out; Mystery Shoes; Tears Of My Tracks (Demo); Take Down The Union Jack (Band Version); England, Half English (12-inch Remix); 1 2 3 4; Dry Bed (Band Version); Danny Rose; She Smiled Sweetly

Bonus DVD – If You’ve Got A Guest List
Billy Bragg & The Red Stars Live At The Town & Country Club (November 1991)

You Woke Up My Neighbourhood; The Saturday Boy; The Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions; The World Turned Upside Down; Dolphins; Valentine’s Day Is Over; North Sea Bubble; Body Of Water; Levi Stubbs’ Tears; A Lover Sings; She’s Got A New Spell; Cindy Of A Thousand Lives; Accident Waiting To Happen; Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards; Tender Comrade; Tank Park Salute; The Warmest Room; Sexuality
Billy Bragg Live At The Broadway Barking (May 2006)
A Lover Sings; The Price Pay; Debris; Tank Park Salute; All You Fascists; Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards; A13, Trunk Road To The Sea

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