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Pressure Drop

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Pressure Drop has now finished it's run to sold out audiences every night and rave reviews. If you missed it don't fret, you can still enjoy Mick Gordon's excellent script now available in our little corner shop. It's at the back there, second shelf down, just to the left of the fork handles. Now available in the shop, the CD of six new BB songs re-recorded at the end of the run all for your delight. Queue here please...

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Pressure Drop CD now available in store, see the track listing below.

1. Home
2. Same Again
3. There Will Be A Reckoning
4. All You Fascists 2010
5. Tomorrow's Going To Be A Better Day
6. The Battle of Barking

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'Pressure Drop' is the latest work from On Theatre and Mick Gordon. Asking a central question - what makes me who I am? - it explores the individual, familial, social and political reference points that make a person definable and recognisable to themselves and others.

Part play, part gig, part installation, the event presents three generations of a white, working-class English family struggling to define themselves both in relation to one another and within a changing social landscape. At the heart of the work lies a paradox. Our identities are continually in flux, but at the same time we need a firm sense of rootedness, of belonging to something stable.

'Pressure Drop' sees Gordon join forces with legendary singer-songwriter Billy Bragg. In his book 'The Progressive Patriot', Bragg explores what it means to be English in contemporary Britain. Reflecting on his family, their history and revisiting the music that originally inspired him, Bragg challenges versions of patriotism proposed by the far right. For the production he has written and performed new work.

Cast:Shea Davis
Pip Donaghy
Craig Dowding
Michael Gould
David Kennedy
Justin Salinger
Susan Vidler
June Watson
Credits: Written by Mick Gordon
Music and songs by Billy Bragg
Produced by On Theatre
and Wellcome Collection
Directed by Christopher Haydon

Click play on the video to watch the Pressure Drop trailer.

Mick Gordon and Billy Bragg introduce 'Pressure Drop', the part play, part gig, part installation being performed at Wellcome Collection from 19 April to 12 May.
(Video running time: 2 min 32 s.)

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