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Billy Bragg - 2012

PETE DUNWELL - Woody100 featuring Billy Bragg/Joe Henry/Grace Petrie - The Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank (16th September 2012)

PETE DUNWELL - Apple Cart 2012

PETE DUNWELL - Leftfield Glastonbury 2011

ANTHONY GRIFFIN - Kilkenny Ireland 2011

MICHAEL BARBOUR - Belfast Ireland 2011


THEO MICHAEL - Various 2009 - 2011


MATTHEW COLLINS - Barking 2010

PETE DUNWELL - Various 2009 - 2010

PETE DUNWELL - Preston 2010



WIGGY - Various 1984-2007

TRACY ASHFIELD - Leftfield 2004


STEVE DOUBLE - London 1998

PAUL SLATTERY - Various 1985 - 1996