I Keep Faith (Single)

March 2008 Cooking Vinyl (7”) FRY341
I Keep Faith (single edit version)/Like Soldiers Do (acoustic version)


I Keep Faith
If you want to make the weather
Then you have to take the blame
If sometimes dark clouds fill the sky
And it starts to rain
And though your head may tell you
To run and hide
Listen to your heart and you’ll find me
Right by your side, because

I keep faith
I keep faith
I keep faith
I keep faith in you

If you think you have the answer
Don’t be surprised
If what you say is met with anger,
Contempt and lies
No matter how hard you may want to
Just walk away
Reach out you’ll find me there beside you
All of the way, because

All the dreams we’ve shared
I never knew no-one who cared
About these things the way that I’ve seen you
It doesn’t matter if
This all falls off the cliff
Together we are going to see it through

I know it takes a mess of courage
To go against the grain
You have to make great sacrifice
For such little gain and so much pain
And if you’re plans have come to nothing
Washed out in the rain
Let me rekindle all your hopes and
Help you start again, because