Johnny Clash (Single)

2007 (7”) JCM01
Old Clash Fan Fight Song/The Big Lie


The Johnny Carcinogenic Show
Saw some guy on the tv yesterday,
Selling poison by the ton
How can you do such a thing a woman asked him
He replied ‘The secret is to hook’em young
Look, I’m not responsible for the lessons children learn
I’m just responsible for giving my investors some return

Here’s a message from the
Sponsors of the Johnny Carcinogenic Show
The sponsors of the Johnny Carcinogenic Show

You never believe how much effort goes into
Adding some glamour to the brand
To distract you from the damage that they do
Putting their product in your hand
What other industry could ever get away
With contaminating their best customers this way?

Here’s a product that promises to do nothing but
Take your money and your soul
Poverty is toxic – everybody knows
No need to help it take it’s toll
Who profit from the misery they sow?
Not the grandchildren that you will never know