England, Half English - Billy Bragg and The Blokes

March 2002 Cooking Vinyl Cook 222

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Jane Allen
Jane Allen took me by surprise said she heard I was a married man
Might have known she’d wanna find out exactly how married I am
She took me the wrong way home to get me on my own
Jane Allen had a bunch of stuff from the old days she wanted to deal with
How come the things that we had done had left her with a mess of feelings
She took me the long way home, no signal on my phone

Jane Allen took me to a place where she thought I’d be defenceless
I had to let her down gently to bring her to her senses
She took me the wrong way home

I know I should have told you I guess I did not understand
That you might need convincing too, that I’m a faithful family man

Jane Allen went to her bed smiling but without me
I don’t know how to tell you this without that you should doubt me
You’d take it the wrong way I know, you just wouldn’t let it go
It was over a long time ago - believe me I love you so.