Mr Love & Justice

2008 Cooking Vinyl (CD) COOK CD 452

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O Freedom
The policemen broke my door down
Dragged me from bed
I asked them what was happening
They just ignored the words I said
They waved their guns in my face
Kept screaming out my name
Something terrible had happened
And somehow I was to blame

O Freedom! What liberties are taken in they name

My accusers formed the jury
The judge and the defence
The charges were made known to me
But not the evidence
There was no guilty verdict
Yet still I was detained
Flown to another country where
Their methods are less constrained

In our determination
To defend democracy
We must not destroy the safeguards
That underpin our liberty
For who will pay the price if
Injustice such as this
Turns our protectors to oppressors
And angry men to terrorists?