Mr Love & Justice

2008 Cooking Vinyl (CD) COOK CD 452

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Mr Love & Justice
Mr Love & Justice
Please tell me what am I to do?
Everything he told me
I found out none of it was true
I’m looking for some answers
To these problems I face
Desertion should mean disgrace
So tell me do I have a case?

I know that nothing is forever
But still, though
I want to make the effort so
He knows
You just can’t walk away

Mr Love & Justice
I ask you is it really fair
If all of that commitment
Just vanishes in the air
Feel I’m on a one-way ticket
To the end of the line
It won’t stop the children crying
But I want some justice this time

Still waking up in the morning with a troubled mind
Can believe he left me: how could I be so blind?
What else can I do but make this appeal to you
Is there any love or justice in the world today for me?

Mr Love & Justice
If there’s one thing that I must do
If only for my own sake
I’ve got to see this thing through
I’ve just got to find out
If I was right or I was wrong
Then I’ll believe he’s gone
Pick myself up and move on