Tooth & Nail

2013 Cooking Vinyl COOK CD580
CD De-Luxe COOK CD580X Vinyl - COOKLP580
Released: March 18, 2013 (United Kingdom)
Label: Cooking Vinyl


Somewhere between the midnight and a cold and empty dawn
I found myself out walking on the streets where I was born
And I came upon a stranger who looked me in the face
And asked me what I was doing in this God-forsaken place?

I don’t need to be forgiven for some thing I haven’t done
Nor for wanting my family to find their place in the sun
If you keep this pressure on just don’t be surprised
If I can’t summon up my dignity while you’re roughing up my pride

There will be a reckoning for the peddlers of hate
Who spread their poison all across this estate
And a reckoning too for the politicians who
Left us to this fate - there will be a reckoning

Then just a few days later a man came to my door
To ask me if I thought that this place was worth fighting for
And though I recognised his reasons, I just could not agree
When he told me that my neighbour would be my enemy