Tooth & Nail

2013 Cooking Vinyl COOK CD580
CD De-Luxe COOK CD580X Vinyl - COOKLP580
Released: March 18, 2013 (United Kingdom)
Label: Cooking Vinyl


This street is named for flowers
But it’s barren, hot and grey,
Shadows wheel on iron heels
And move along their away
The light this early evening
Has cut me clean in two
But my blood, it runs with stars
And they’re falling over you

The bells have stopped their wailing
They’ve been railing on deaf ears,
The towers lean, their faults unseen
By us these many years.
The waiting crowd moves blind and loud
Like angry rivers do,
But silence builds a bridge and reaches
Swinging over you

It used to be the wicked who
Surrendered, but no more
They’ve drawn a line through heart and mind
And sold it like a war.
The poor play host, give up their ghosts
Like death was nothing new,
But I could live forever when I’m
Dying over you

Someday I may learn to offer
More than what I feel
To set aside this halting pride,
Put my shoulder to the wheel.
We build on truth, we raze the roof
And might confuse the two,
But still we stand on rafters, hammers’ swinging,
And there’s laughter
Rising over you

Words: Joe Henry/Music: Billy Bragg