Tooth & Nail

2013 Cooking Vinyl COOK CD580
CD De-Luxe COOK CD580X Vinyl - COOKLP580
Released: March 18, 2013 (United Kingdom)
Label: Cooking Vinyl


Deep down in the underground
Atoms spinning round and round
Scientists monitor readings
Searching for the Holy Grail:
The particle – or at least a trail –
Of the one that gives the Universe it’s meaning

But what if there’s nothing?
No big answers to find?
What if we’re just passing through time?

No-one knows nothing any more
Nobody really knows the score
Since nobody knows anything
Lets break it down and start again

What happens when the markets drop?
If the numbers really don’t add up?
Everyone seeks a safe haven
As they contemplate their ruin
The self-proclaimed smartest people in the room
Are trying very hard not to sound craven

But what if there’s nothing?
No pot of gold to find?
Only the blind leading the blind?

Lets stop pretending
We can manage our way out of here
Lets stop defending the indefensible
Let stop relying on the hectoring of the experts
Whose spin just makes our plight incomprehensible

High up on a mountain top
Somebody with a skinhead crop
Is thinking deep thoughts for us all
Serenity is all around
But if you listen you can hear the sound
Of one head being banged against a wall

What if our ancestors had stayed up in the trees?
Would we still be weighed down by these worries?