Tooth & Nail

2013 Cooking Vinyl COOK CD580
CD De-Luxe COOK CD580X Vinyl - COOKLP580
Released: March 18, 2013 (United Kingdom)
Label: Cooking Vinyl


I’m so tightly wound in tension
Feel just like a guitar string
Waiting to reveal emotions
Touch me and you’ll hear me sing

I’m so tired of being wired
But there’s so much I have to do
Tidy up the place for Monday
When she’s buried in her dancing shoes

My journey has been so hard lately
Been having to get out and push
Left me standing on the sidewalk
Talking to a burning bush

Politician selling freedom
Bumper sticker 50 cents
Ask him what he wants to be free from
Answer don’t make any sense

Somewhere on the far horizon
Going to wash away my sins
Turn around and taste tomorrow
This is how the end begins