Gig Details

NEW EVENT - Boomtown

Date: 12/08/2018
Location: Boomtown
Matterley Estate
SO21 1HW

As we venture into our tenth chapter of Boomtown it’s time for a bit of reflection… Inevitably things have come a pretty long way since we first embarked on this journey in 2009.

As a young, ambitious team of live entertainment enthusiasts, we set out to create the ultimate experience in the festival world. Combining all the music we love with theatre, interactive set design, freedom and escapism, we wanted to showcase what festivals meant to us; to all ages and backgrounds, to those who may not have previously experienced the depths and variety of what a festival can achieve.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, for keeping the faith when we didn’t get it quite right, for celebrating when we did and for collectively experiencing something so inspiring, life changing or incredible that we’ll never quite be able to explain it to the outside world…

To anyone yet to join us in this adventure, welcome, we look forward to showing you the sights at Chapter 10.