‘NEVER BUY THE SUN’ filmed at Garforth Academy

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  1. Robert May says:

    Great song Billy.
    Just celebrating my birthday today, the musics a good gift.

    Robert May

  2. Robert Buckingham says:

    Top Top Toppity Stuff Bill

  3. Brian Murray says:

    Great stuff Billy…must come and hear you live soon.

  4. Nev says:

    Love this Billy… & not just because I’m a Liverpool fan!

  5. andy white says:

    Marvelous. Ta.

  6. mike short says:

    Great performance at garforth festival tonight Billy – keeping the faith with you!! Mike

  7. Djay Buddha says:

    Billy this is Brilliant Mate Gonna share it everywhere I can :)

  8. Jean McCarthy says:

    Just brilliant Bill. xx

  9. Norm Watts says:

    Its like you got into my head somehow and knicked my thoughts. Well done Billy. An anthem for the new generation I hope. Nice 1!

  10. Matt says:

    Great stuff. Good to hear someone still willing to be genuine, relavant and meaningful in music these days

  11. Mark C says:

    Big fan Billy. Even bigger now on behalf of all my fellow LFC fans and Scousers

  12. Chris says:

    Well done billy, i love it. Great words man .

    Thanks again for all your time and empathy .

  13. andy says:

    this is brilliant mate. Awsome stuff.

  14. Louise says:

    good one, as usual x

  15. Marianne says:

    Belter of a song. Words that had to be said.

  16. Peter Barnes says:

    Love it. Keep the Reds’ flag flying Billy.

  17. Andy Morris says:

    Great set at the garforth festival, our school fetes were never like that.

    Whens it coming out as a single then?

  18. Staircase2 says:

    Beautifully put, Billy :o )

    I’ve forwarded it to a Liverpudlian Police Officer friend of mine who has been recently bringing a case of racism and homophobia against the Met.

    He had recently been targeted by The Sun who threatened to ‘expose’ him as gay and suffering from depression (following the stress of the stuff he had endured at the Met). The Sun were obviously put up to it by insider information from within the Met but the PCC has been toothless and had refused to acknowledge any wrong-doing following a denial from the journalist in question, Anthony France.

    He has now been given information released under FOI Act including emails confirming that the Sun journalist did in fact acknowledge receipt of information from Scotland Yard.

    Anthony France has a history of similar stories written against BME Police Officers bringing cases of race discrimination against the Met – he’s clearly a complete scumbag (no surprise there then! lol)

    I’m hoping that the recent deluge of information and evidence coming to light will strengthen his case both against the Sun via the PCC and also the Met.

    God Bless ya!

  19. Baz P says:

    Good song. Justice for the 96.

  20. Robbie says:

    “…And the Scousers, they never buy the Sun”

    Should be chanted at Anfield every other Saturday!

  21. mark piper says:

    Brilliant lyrics as ever.Thanks

  22. Awesome job Billly!

  23. Beaglechops says:

    Boss, we don’t.

  24. Seán says:

    Pure class

  25. Superkopite says:

    Billy that is brilliant, you got to get that up on iTunes as a single, spread the word!!!


  26. Caity says:

    Thank u Billy, spot on timely and tuneful. La lucha continua!

  27. Paul Mernock says:

    Please release this Billy, it would be great to get it to number 1

  28. Willie says:

    Yes. Absolutely mighty stuff.

  29. Stu Who? says:

    Oooh … you’ve excelled yourself there … a real timely and powerful lyric, and a poignant wee tune!

    Quality xxxx

  30. joe grimes says:

    Fantastic song Billy, one of your best ever, your lyrics nail it. I love you for that.

  31. James says:

    I love it, keep it up Billy.

    James (A patriot on the other side of the globe)

  32. paul c norris says:

    What I’ve always loved about your music is that your’e always a great story teller!

  33. George T. says:

    A song from the heart. Sad that you needed to write it, but the lyrics reflect how many of us feel.

  34. Peter Marshall says:

    Absolutely Fabulous!!!

  35. rob says:

    great stuff Billy when will people learn

  36. jb says:

    incredible…they fall like dominos. keep pushing!

  37. Jem Dodd says:

    The most powerful song I’ve heard in years. Brilliantly and beautifully done Mr Bragg.

  38. Tony L says:

    You got a YouTube link for us mobile phone users?

  39. Ben says:

    Great song, Billy. Thanks.

  40. Linda Smith says:

    Brilliant lyrics: especially “…while a copper taker improper payments…”.

    Thanks Billy

  41. Ian Gregg says:

    Nice one Bill. Expected nothing less!

  42. Kate SW says:

    Very nicely done, and thanks for making it available for those of us who couldn’t be there. Coming to Kyrgyzstan any time soon? Stay solid.

  43. Conor Walker says:

    Love it

  44. M. Walker says:

    Murdoch is an American citizen, Billy!

  45. Andy Hatchard says:

    27ish years after buying Between The Wars single which had a version of It Says Here on it, its great to hear this new song damning ‘The Street of Shame’!

  46. Tim Moore says:

    Thanks Billy. You are right we will never but that rag. NOTW has gone and hopefully the Scum will be next. YNWA Billy

  47. Jeff says:

    Thanks Billy – great stuff, hope you’ll record ond day – Jeff

  48. Robbanoff says:

    Great song, Billy!

  49. aye and never shake hands with the devil (tony blair), billy

  50. Love it, what a superbly conceived and crafted song… He’s still got it! Well done Mr B.

    George (“Tape op, tea and biscuits, additional percussion”, TWTTAP)

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